I always wished for a dance video of you @taylorswift! You’re not ashamed to just stand up and dance (even at award shows) and I think this is a wonderful attitude! You’re teaching us Swifties and not just us, that we can have the time of out lives if we just get rid of our fear, stand up and dance. I wanna say thank you for encouraging us for YEARS! I love you for doing that! ❤️ I really hope to meet you one day (I saw you in Berlin this February). I’m looking forward to #1989 and I love #ShakeItOff (the video is just the BEST). You just wanna stand up and dance and forget the world around you for a couple of minutes! The sass in the song is just awesome.. “who’s Taylor Swift anyway?”, right? 😁 The next time someone is mean to me or sends hate I’m totally gonna sing this song right into their face.

Walls of insincerity
Shifting eyes and vacancy
Vanished when I saw your face…


Rudderless - Official Trailer